Cat Black Shadow Illustration

It all started with a deck of playing cards. We gave our oldest daughter a deck of cat playing cards for her birthday, because cats have always been her absolute favorite animal. She was fascinated by all of the different purebred cats that were displayed on all 52 cards. We had no idea that there were so many purebred breeds of cats. We looked up several of the breeds online to see pictures and find out more about them. When we came to the RagaMuffin and learned of their amazing personalities and luscious, low maintenance coats, we dreamt that we would one day own our very own RagaMuffin.

This soon became a reality and not just a dream. Not only were we going to enjoy the love of a RagaMuffin, but we were also going to become breeders and help bring this same joy into other loving homes. We purchased our first two cats, Elvis & Darling, and Adashay Cats was born, named after our 2 oldest daughters, Adaline & Shaley, who thrillingly decided that they wanted to help raise these outstanding cats.

Being huge animal lovers, we have rescued and cared for many cats and kittens over the years. So many cats can seem snooty or aloof, like they really don’t care that you are there. Others can only handle your affection for a short bit. Not RagaMuffins, they absolutely crave your attention and don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. Our 4 year old daughter can carry them around the house without a problem. They happily greet our friends and family and do not run away and hide. They are unlike any cats we have ever known and we think they make wonderful companions for so many people. Please contact us if you are interested in increasing the joy in your home with a RagaMuffin.